My group affiliations & personal credit-score.

My family escaped Communist Vietnam, as part of the Imperial Dynasty Of Vietnam. My father served as Captain in the South Vietnamese Navy. My mother has a Masters in Economics and was a lawyer.

I have since lived in Canada from 1980 when other family members sponsored us as ‘boat refugees’.

After 15 years in ad-operations, I have achieved my life-style goal of financial independence. My home is paid off, and my credit-score is a healthy 700-plus. I am as healthy as I have always been. I am beginning a new chapter of professional experience with an MBA and MSc., in Big Data IoT following 15 years of productive ad-operations, and some years assisting groups that are valuable to human progress and endeavor. My personal media outlets has more than 30,000 readers and that is all the “infamy” I want to handle.

Thanks for visiting my website, warm regards for out there in cyber-space.

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