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Vietnamese boat refugee of the Vietnam War, of the last royal family of Vietnam whose family members are part of the military during the Vietnam War, born in Saigon 1973 and obtained Canadian citizenship in 1983.

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A middle-age bachelor professional who graduated with Honours and Citizenship and Academic Excellence recognition from high school, spent two years in the undergraduate Chemical Engineering Science program and chose to graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Economics. Later earned a graduate business-management certificate from Schulich School of Management. 15 years in digital marketing or advertising operations and fully digital marketing certified; MBA admitted and deferred for later.

I am currently pursuing two paths to emigrate to the USA, New Jersey: close-family Visa or employer sponsored because I come from a large family of successful Ivy League educated professionals, many of whom are American.


If times are tough most likely its your fault (or you’re dead); I’m a web-master trouble-shooting internet branding expert who will help you get control of your business communication on the internet! My open Google business directory listing can be found this spot here.

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Experience and qualifications of the best in class digital communications as you will see throughout my homepage, in digital branding and campaign with everything on your wish-list: 15 years of digital management experience, a portfolio of influential and respected blogs, advanced business degrees and certifications in digital-marketing; published writer and author, who is also civic minded with an unparalleled reputation.


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