International Job-hunter. I can be TN NAFTA, H1B and J-1 Specialist Visa employee available for $60K (negotiable in lieu of cash) as a permanent Digital Marketing & Advertising Manager. You can also find my cover letter and CV on US.Jobs.

Canadian citizen since 1980 born in Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, in 1973 as part of the last royal family of Vietnam; middle-class, a military brat and boat refugee. Single-divorced-no-kids-want-kids. I’m a middle-class blue blood capitalist with a sense of duty to ethics and virtue under democratic rule of law, who comes from a well adjusted established happy family. I have fulfilled 2 of my 3 wishes, with a cMBA in hand to pursue an MBA, when income permits, and incorporated my own consulting business. The last wish is to professionally emigrate to the USA where the opportunity for professional growth is more diverse with my exceptional qualifications. Will attain dual-citizenship (American-Canadian).

Best in class digital communications, branding and marketing professional with everything on your wish-list: 15 years of digital management experience, a portfolio of influential and respected blogs, advanced business degrees and certifications in digital-marketing; published writer and author, who is also civic minded with an unparalleled reputation.