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Born in Saigon ’73 of the last royal family of Vietnam and South Vietnamese military family in the Vietnam War, boat refugee ’79 and Canadian citizenship in ’83. I’m divorced, single and fulfilled.

I am a internet marketing operator and a Harvard University Law School post-graduate student, I also hold an mBA post-grad certificate, a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and 2 under-grad years in Chemical Engineering. I am vendor and vendor-neutral certified in digital marketing & communications and graduated high-school with¬†Honours and a Citizenship & Academic Excellence award.

I am a Canadian of Vietnamese background living in my own place in Toronto-Canada. I have a big family with relatives in the USA. All of us are well educated and have found success.

I can’t recommend enough the way of life-long learning and training.



Portfolio in summary:

  • Noteworthy by the University of Oxford, City of Toronto, Greater London Authority UK, and Cool Site of the Day.
  • Over 150,000 blog readers regularly.
  • Daily updates on Social Media with original content and analysis.


Toronto[Canada]: (437) 887-9572

New York City [USA]: (646) 712-9315