WIN_20171007_11_40_23_ProCanadian since 1980 of Vietnamese heritage born in “Saigon” in 1973 as part of the last royal family of Vietnam–a military brat and boat refugee.

Single (divorced). Looking to NJ for an H1B Visa position. Seeking $75,000 to $85,000 USD.

23561617_1937981529808832_7402283573526298308_nI’m  a middle-class capitalist with a sense of duty to ethics and virtue under democratic rule of law, who comes from a well adjusted established happy family. I have fulfilled 2 of my 3 wishes, getting into advance business school for my MBA with a cMBA in hand, and to incorporate my own consulting business. The last wish is to professionally emigrate to the USA where the opportunity for professional growth is more diverse.