You have reached my personal homepage, geared mostly for my career. As such this is my identity. Every thing you see I claim an association with.

My group affiliations & personal credit-score.

I have been through three major disruptions in my life, not every one private. I was a boat Vietnamese-refugee, one of the last heroes of that war to have to escape communism. The second is that I got well from depression and the last is that I chose to cessate a pregnancy when my ex wife’s life was at stake.

My family escaped Communist Vietnam, as part of the Imperial Dynasty Of Vietnam. My father served as Captain in the South Vietnamese Navy. My mother has a Masters in Economics and was a lawyer.

I have lived in Canada since 1980. Professionally I went into the area of ad operations, for 15 years. It helped me pay off my mortgage; I am rent and mortgage free! The last 5 years I have focused on my own sole proprietorship. I continue to invest in my own human capital from the income I have saved. I am presently completing the MBA and MSc in Data Science.

My sole-proprietored blog has 30,000 email subscribers.

Thanks for visiting my website, warm regards in cyber space.

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