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So I may say, that I am a Canadian citizen since 1980 born in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in 1973 as part of the last royal family of Vietnam; now middle-class, a military brat and was a boat refugee at the end of the Vietnam War. I’m a middle-class middle-age professional who grew up in Canada and graduated from the honours program of my high school and have a Bachelor degree in Economics with additional professional certifications and an MBA acceptance. I come from a large inspiring family and many of the “kids” are successful Ivy League educated Americans. So I am currently pursuing two future paths to emigrate to the USA, New Jersey: close-family Visa or employer sponsored.

Experience and qualifications of the best in class digital communications as you will see in digital branding and campaign with everything on your wish-list: 15 years of digital management experience, a portfolio of influential and respected blogs, advanced business degrees and certifications in digital-marketing; published writer and author, who is also civic minded with an unparalleled reputation.

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